70s fancy dress and fashion scene

70s fancy dress costumes

So you want to set up a hen party before your wedding and you are wondering what theme you might choose. Perhaps one that appeals strongly to your girlfriends. That might just be the 70s costumes theme where you can choose from so many music stars and tracks of that time. It also lets you set up music videos ad posters at your house based on that decade. Certainly it’s a theme that offers you much to choose from.

The restaurants of local towns very much enjoy the trade that hen nights bring. You will perhaps have visited a piza or pasta house to find a large table occupied by a hen party of girls dressed up in some theme to celebrate the bride to be.
Usually there is a theme to thier outfits such as 70s fancy dress or other such popular following.

Your 70s fancydress party could be a hoot

Ideas for your 70s party
When you are in creative mood thinking of how you are going to set up your 70s fancy dress costume party, you will probably imagine disco music large glitter balls and Afro hair styles. Well, you have a flavor but we could certainly add a little more depth.
Here are a few images of 70s fancy dress costumes
70s fancy dress

Cast you mind back to 1975 and yo might remember Saturday Night Live on TV with great new personalities appearing on our screens. You could do worse than asking your guests to take a look at these old shows, sometimes on youtube for ideas on how to dress themselves when they come to your 70s fancy dress party
You have Grease, Charlies angels and KISS. What a rich treasure of inspiration and creative ideas to start with.

Use music to capture the spririt of the era and do not forget those all time great BeeGees. Maybe finish off the night with a dance-off. Remember the Hussle, The Bump and line dancing?  The ideas go on and on.

Selecting the right prom dress

For young girls it is always difficult to select the right prom dress as they are not familiar with buying. So let me tell you few things which will help you.

Prom dresses are generally available in short sizes. So if your size is 10 then you will have to buy an 11 size prom dress otherwise it will be small for you. So when selecting a prom dress, go for one size bigger than your size.
Never buy a prom dress just by looking at it. You have to try the dress before buying. Some dresses look good when you wear those and they do not give a good look in hangers. Some dresses seem to be of your size but when you wear those then you come to know these are tight or loose. So try the dress before making the final selection. Only then you shall be able to get the right dress.

Take along your mom or a friend who has a good taste in selection of dresses. When you like some dress it is not necessary it is actually good. So someone should be with you to give comments and help you in selection of the dress. May be the dress is good but it does not go with your personality. So it is always good to get a helping hand.
Get ideas from other friends and family members as well. Talk to the salesman as well because he knows which dresses are hot these days. You should not buy an outdated or old fashioned dress as your friends at the party will not like to see you in old fashion dresses. So in this regard the salesman knows a lot about the new fashion and market trends.

Always check your budget. Don’t order to pack a dress which is out of your budget. You should always maintain your financial affairs and don’t ask your mom or dad for extra bugs. Also talk to your friend about the dress you have selected. Sometimes it happens that when girls reach the party they come to know that some of the friends have also bought the same dress and this gives a very odd feeling. So you must discuss with your friends to avoid buying same dress.
I hope these tips will help to buy the right prom dress.