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70s fancy dress changed things forever

When you are thinking about fancy dress, anything goes. And, when we talk about the fancy dress outfits of the 70’s, it reminds me of the days when there was a big movement away from dull and tasteless trends. People came to know what fashion was and how we could bring changes into costumes. This was especially true for fancy dress costumes for women. Wow, I love the way women changed their thinking and ways to dress up. Dandy, trendy, sexy and amazing were the dresses which were introduced during that decade. We still find many of the costumes being re-introduced with slight changes every few years.

70s fancy dress 70s fancy dress changed things forever

Positive industrial growth was taking place at a rapid pace and everyone was working and generally being busy in their lives. They did not have time to prepare and manage difficult and time consuming costumes. Therefore; the polyester fabric outfits became the fashion in the 70’s. no extra care was required and it was easy to remove the wrinkles. This resulted in almost no time in preparation. Another benefit of polyester was that great colors and prints were achievable and the price was less compared to normal fabrics. Later on people realized that polyester was not good for health and skin so they started wearing it for a limited time only. The 70’ were the years for polyester as it was shining, vibrant and colorful.

The varying fashions and trends were possible as people changed their thinking patterns and indulged in more ways to celebrate life. You could design anything and wear any sort of dresses. No one pointed a finger at you. Rather, everyone looked at the new dress invention in amazement and followed the new trend. Every few months there was something new for people. We can easily say that 70’s was the decade of fancy dresses. And today, we are following the path set by the trend setters of those yester years.
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