70s fancy dress for disco events

When considering functions or other gatherings where fancy dress is de rigueur, nothing beats vintage. The simplest form of retro? 70s fancy dress! The 1970s in the end had been the age of disco, and who doesn’t look good in a skintight white-colored disco suit or an off the shoulder dress with a glimmering sequined collar and belt buckle?

Disco stars had big hair and big individualities to go with it. Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Cher, Tina Charles, Cilla Black. David Bowie and Elton John. Their appearance is all about glamour.

If you really want to dazzle your good friends with 70s fancy dress at the next celebration you go to, here are some disco celebrities whose looks you might research.


The Swedish pop group Abba dominated the pop music world in the 1970 with breakout dancing tunes like Dancing Queen, Waterloo and Fernando, many of which — incorporated into the hit musical – proceed to enthrall followers today. The Abba girls made popular the catsuit with bellbottom trousers, bell-shaped sleeves, a cincher buckle and a zipper up the front, usually in silver and a contrasting colour such as baby blue or peppermint pink. A variant on this style is the Dancing Queen little dress in colors such as magenta or aquamarine that are the visual equivalent of a fun electrical shock.

The male members of Abba acquired their very own own particular look with skintight slacks, platform shoes and a zip-up polyester shirt with an oversized collar.

Elton John

Elton John set new sartorial specifications for 70s fancy dress during his hay day in that era. The principe of the Elton John look is the distinctive shag hair design, the crazy glasses and the platform footwear. Just about nearly anything else will fly as long as you have those necessities. Our recommendation if you’re certain to go for an Elton John-inspired jumpsuit, particularly if you aren’t going to have a possibility to try it on in advance? Find it in a couple of pieces rather than one, to make sure your kinky bits don’t dangle where they shouldn’t.


Cher got the flower child of the 1960s and offered it a glamourous perspective. The outcome? A hippy in glitter! The Cher appearance is all about the long, straight head of hair and significant bangs. Cher’s own hair, of course, was black, but you can recreate Cher with any hair colour through white to purple so long as you don’ t forget the bangs. The costumet can be anything from a latex catsuit meant to look like leather to gauzy harem pants, a matching midriff-revealing top and a long, trailing fish scale wrap.

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