The Re-Invention of 70s Fancy Dress

The 70s fancy dress costume has established itself as a favorite for decades. Bell-bottom pants, jumpsuits, and layers of light fabric described 1970′s fashion and still have come back in a big way for summer and spring this year. Haute’ couture dessinateurs featured a selection of colourful and authentic seventies-inspired articles with their collections. The walkway was full of platform shoes, jumpsuits, and tops with macram and crochet detail.

Preferred actresses such as Jane Seymour and Olivia Newton-John graced the covers of top style magasines along with models like Twiggy and Iman. All were clothed in the latest 70s fancy dress fashions. Cotton dresses and suits were paired with very long straight hair or feathered frizzy hair styles. The decade’s clothes tendencies coincided with the overall independence, liberation, and carefree attitudes and mood experienced during this time by people from all around the globe.

Current returns to 70s fancy dress project the same self-confidence and development that previous stars reached. Kate Hudson,Mylene Cyrus, and Drew Barrymore are all bohemian chic stars that have welcomed the return of the 70s fancy dress looks. They’ve all been recently identified wearing long, maxi clothes with intricate detail, that were a big craze in the 70s. They elect to pair these kinds of flowy dresses with fitted jeans button-up jackets and gladiator shoes or platform heels, which were also both large fads in the 70′s.

Modern-day singers like Rihanna, Avril Lavigne and Pink have accepted the Joan Jett feel of the 70s. Slim denims, natural leather pants, tight-fitting tops, and awesome, giant jewelry are as lively currently like they were in the seventies as a result of these stars’ takes on the re-invented craze.

Bag designers haven’t been ruled out from crafting seventies-inspired pieces to harmonize to the 1970′s fancy dress designs. Hand bags are sprouting up everywhere showcasing fringe fine details, daring colour-blocking, and thread details. Many of these trends have been giant in the 1970′s. Cross body bag types, referred to as “long shoulder bags” in the 1970′s, are some of the most popular bag designs for ladies today. This specific style of bag pairs beautifully with the long maxi dress trend and it’s a trademark standard article for anyone interested in getting aboard with the re-invented seventies fancy dress trend.

The 70s were a lively interval full of outfits and accessories that were strong sings of the general atmosphere period. Items were often carefree, loose, easy to wear, liberating, and brilliantly colored. The re-invention of 70s fancy dress styles has brought back many authentic looks from this remarkable decade.

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