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Hiippies, gogo boots and all things 70s

In the 70s, almost every man and woman tried to wear styles and which were in top demand and all had those designs and styles which were fashionably in demand because of their funky appeal. They just oozed disco club fever, very popular in the 70s. In those days, the most popular things worn by men and women were safety pins, leopard printed shirts and the Mohawks. In the 70s, the hippie trend was the most popular and important because of teenagers. Mostly women, used to put on stretched dresses along with white colored go-go boots. The very necessary things at that time were maxi shirts, frayed jeans and tie shirts. They were all a must-have.

We all want to wear such dresses to look great, which suits us and which leaves an impression on others. There are a lot of options from the fancy dresses of the 70s that are even used in today’s fashion scene. You can easily make such outfits. They will be exceptional and will show something of you to everybody in the festival. But if you are going to a disco club and you want to look like a disco expert then you need to wear go-go boots with high platforms for the party. If You should try to copy the fashion of 70s completely. Try to have some costumes with prints. It was a trend of that time to wear big and prominent kinds of accessories .

You could wear them for instance thicker gold bangles or necklaces. In a 70s dress party, if you want exceptional looks then you can put on a jumpsuit with a flare pant. All such kind of costumes have many patterns and their colors are also very bright. The last step is…. the makeup. For the purpose of getting a wild kind of look which should relate with your fancy dress party costume, you just need to wear dark and ravishing makeup like in the 70s. Now you are ready to attend the 70s fancy dress party. Do enjoy the party!