Todays Fascination with 70s Costumes

Why do 60s and 70s costumes have still have charm in our modern society? It has become a well-known dress once and again. They bring laughter every time they are seen. If you are walking by wearing a flowery shirt with over sized sunglasses and trousers during the 80s or early 90s, you will definitely tie into ‘street creed’.
After the 90s if anyone used to wear 70s costumes and wanted to introduce ‘Geek Chic’ by wearing argyle tank tops with duffel coats, they were laughed at. At that time music were becoming westernized and folk songs were made with remixes as well as dance music. Anyone who wanted to use British music needs id and permission to mix. Different types of bands like ‘Oasis’, ‘Blur’ and so on were the main ones who introduced the ‘Brit Pop’ to the people.

This music is now typified by new men and women starting to appear again with new songs in order to put the ‘British music’ higher.
The Retro scene has the recognition to carry out the old successes of 70s during 90s that are forgotten by people. Even, the memories are coming by getting the face of children’s toys and games named ‘Ker-Plunk!’ ‘Space Hopper’, ‘Twister’.

In the field of music, many brands used to wear 70s costume in order to bring the fashion up to recent times. ‘The Who’ or ‘The Rolling Stones’ are the two audio brands that ended during 70s but reopened. Now, we have our beloved Punk brands that stopped during the 70s, and is now considered as one of the powerful brands.

TV and cinema always play the role when they notice the activities of Retro vibe. They have changed the endless reworkings in their plans and movies in order to bring the 60s or 70s old times back.
Garments shops are now making costumes of 70s and youthful generation are now interested to be fashionable with their father or mother’s generation’s fashion. Fancy dress parties also play the important role in order to motivate this.

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