Wedding Dresses fro your big day

Are you considering arranging a function or social gathering as a party just like fancy party? But, are you want to have the simplest form of retro for your party? Then, 70s fancy dress can be the part of your party. It is known that 1970s was the era of the disco and fashion that everyone looks brilliant when they used to wear skin-tight white collared suit for disco as well as shoulder dress with glimmering collar and belt.
The famous celebrities and disco stars including Donna Summer. Cher, Cilla Black, Elton John, Gloria Gaynor, Tina Charles and so many others have a glamorous look with their long hair.
If you are in real frame of mind to have a dashing party or gathering or friends in your next party, you should go with the 70s fancy dress party and some of the disco looks are given bellowed to make easy your research.

Abba, the pop music brand from Swedish had cheer up the whole disco with their tunes like Waterloo, Fernando and Dancing Queen and so on during the 70s. Cat suit with bell-bottom trousers, a cincher buckle, and bell shaped sleeves and zipper up front always makes the Abba girls very popular. Dancing Queen is such kind of style in the dance floor that is covered with little dress in different attractive and magenta colours to give you the electric shock of fun.
Skintight slacks, zip=up polyester shirt with collar and platform shoes was the famous for getting the particular look of the male members of Abba.

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